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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Watch Paul & The Band Live- Hyde Park, London

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Watch Paul & The Band Live- Hyde Park, London

For those of you unable to attend Paul McCartney's gig tomorrow at Hyde Park in London- Here is your chance via Youtube ..That's right .. Sunday, Aug 27th- broadcasted live, via Born HIV Free, channel - link here
How cool is that? a free gig online!. Check the link for times zones in your area~

Paul McCartney and his band streamed live at Hyde Park in London- that would 12:30pm on the west coast
3:30 om th east coast :)

Ha, well Jon C. you have a rawkin good time @ Hyde Park I'll be looking for your sign online.. Really happy they will be posting this gig online - verry cool indeed.

So much for a live Gig!
Sun 27th 2:15pm
Am I the only one who thought the gig was going to be shown in it's entirety? the video stream was awful.. highly irritating. The sound was great. The gig was interrupted with frequent service annoucements of AIDS awareness, which is, a great cause- But, c'mon you're going to hype up 'See Paul McCartney LIVE in concert at Hyde Park'- please provide the goods and, do not dupe fans~ with a highly edited 1 hour & 10 min gig. That was a huge tease... The Mexico City, Live gig, was much better..

more later
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