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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Woohooo Coming Up San Francisco with Macca!

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Woohooo Coming Up San Francisco with Macca!

Alright, I'm getting nervous, next stop for Macca & The band is San Francisco!
Every gig time, I get stressed and excited at the same time.. Does this ever happen to you? I can officially say, I am now, Paul McCartney broke as I have two more gigs to attend after this one..I am flat busted..don't know how long it will be when I will be able to attend another gig after the next 3. Like most, I have spent major bank..$$$
Some friends encouraged me to what if your broke? You're a big fan, Go For it!! You might regret it years down the line they say. If you don't go. Sometimes I just need a lil nudge- :):) hehehehe~

A new Sign!
Made Paul a new sign. If it comes out OK?. I hope to get the sign in time..For me, a McCartney gig is not just a concert, but an EVENT! Every gig is special and magical!

Tickets? Oh Canada
Thank You CrowdSurge for getting tix to the fans- lots of worried Maccamaniacs worried about tickets.

Wish I had went for it and just bought the CrowdSurge tickets-without knowing if I was off or not for Toronto. I think it a better idea for Paul McCartney to sell via his webby...The fans are getting better seats this way~freakin Hollywood Bowl-we were shut out!

Speaking of tickets? whew! just found a ticket for Monday's show, in Toronto. yep flying there also. I have lost out on tickets in recent years. Meaning, I had extra's- and couldn't sell them. yep, freakin bummer.
happened more than a few times in recent years. Recently, at the Hollywood Bowl. Still haven't finished that blog post of the Hollywood Bowl. I was pissed. I was left with a $395 ticket. That's right- un-used. Major bummer for someone who is, just, a working girl. I hope to find tickets- for Jen & I - for Toronto Sunday's gig..

more to come..stay tuned!
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