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Monday, July 26, 2010

Brian Ray releases 2nd album This Way Up"

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Brian Ray releases 2nd album "This Way Up"

Hey people- home illin today. The good news is, Brian Ray releases new album:
"This Way Up" for pre- order. Official release Aug 9th..
Brian Ray's 1st album Mondo Magneto a huge success! and one to add to your cd collection.if you don't already own...
Brian Ray, guitarist & sometimes bass player has been playing with Paul McCartney, for what now? 10 years.close to it.damn..what a gig to have!..This Way UP- Brian's 2nd album 2 years in the making - Why? cos he's been touring with Paul McCartney..yeah!

There are several options to choose; from the straight shot, This Way Up- cd to the LUX, Deluxe version..
( I chose the Deluxe version myself..) you can also order tee's and other goodies from his site!

say what tracks?
I'm digging on initial listen/run- thru- "Very Happy Song"- a happy, uplifting lil ditty to listen too, indeed- the opening remenicent of the Beatle's ala 1967 meloncholy, catchy lyrics, it seems Brian speaks to us about today's happenings in our world-and he gets it, knows it, as if to say- cheer up people, don't give up

( it's gonna get better! :) Sing along to this happy little song.. Than back to the Beatle's influence at the end.. exquisite guitars, and changes. Great drums. This song is for you- music cheers the soul.. well written, brilliant, song ..I do love this "Very Happy Song" miles of smiles..:)

"Miranda" another uplifting song. the 1st verse lovely. ( OK, I'm a chick I can say Lovely) A guy, who has lost a girl and perhaps he has made a mistake and wants here back; in his mind's eye he thinks of her often, and what could be again?.. the chorus of
"Hey Hey Hey- Hey Miranda" ( better days are just around the bend) is pretty infectious.. loud guitars in the middle, than end with a guitar slide and stroke of a piano key- that's it folks

"Camouflage" show me the real you.. put down the make- up & everything you think is you lol.. the lead up to the bridge with drums, guitars, & vocals, so smooth.. The bridge is totally off the hook! very catchy
"We are everything that we could ever be - we got everything that we ever will need..- we don't need-Camouflage" drums guitars, vocals all as one-wow~ dig it! smart lyrics some great lines in Camouflage. You're are gonna love this one...I do..

and The titled track "This Way Up" huge rockin guitars- reminds me of The Ramone's in parts~ It's hard to describe, This Way up other than - IT"S HUGE" you'll see after a few play thrus...can't wait to get 'This Way Up" in my hands..( more later)

This Way Up- sure not to disappoint, check it out.. The new album is great no wait!
It RAWKS what I've heard so far... very smart, clever lyrics thru-out - huge guitars- some key boards, drums on time & pounding!- Rolling Stone needs to do a review, yes?

to check out Brian Ray's new album and to order, click here for This Way Up details..

more later.
McCartney~ :)
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