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Friday, July 09, 2010

In San Francisco for Macca!!!

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In San Francisco for Macca!!
Hey people, I have finally arrived in San Francisco. Using the media center, now- on borrowed time of a credit card.. Is it freakin cold here or what? Me, just wearing a tee-shirt. Missed my first train to the city. waited another full hour. a total of 2 hours .Will tell that story perhaps tomorrow..
Anyhow, I can't wait to see Paul McCartney & the Band - plus, friends I haven't seen in ages.. now I'm going to scout around for a jacket and a bite to eat. I'm currently in the heart of the city - at the Sir Francis Drake, nice OL English hotel.. it husling and busling here in the city did I mention cold?!. btw.. this has just cost me $21 for 21 minutes.. ha!! I really need to get me a lap top.. stay tuned!

McCartney / hb
Sunday July 11th 9:50 pm

Whew, just woke up after getting home earlier today; an exciting and interesting Macca gig this time around- off to bed as work calls in the am. Sound check, was brilliant at AT&T Park! Paul is very funny. Camera didn't die this time around-will update tomorrow..

San Francisco Sound check
well I managed to take a lil over 100 piccie's let's see how many turned out? This was suppose to be a great gig, getting the sound check package- things actually didn't happen, as expected.. What was great, the sound check...Paul's banter and humor; Paul and the band jamming songs..

It was a hot summer day when we were finally ushered out onto the field to hear the Sound check..
Before, Paul arrived-

Cool to meet Wix!
"WIX" came around and walked thru the soundcheckers- one fan asked for a piccie as did I; this was a first time, ever meeting Wix. He was very gracious & a gentlemen. I shook his hand and said "Hi Wix, I'm McCartney" - with the black Macca hat. It sat on the chair, as we both looked too the chair. The look on his
face was priceless..I might have surprised him a bit, with the McCartney name- hehehe It was great to meet Wix. :) Now, If I can only meet Abe & paul...:) psst. Wix, has soft hands~ :)
"Paul "WiX" Wickens R. above San Francisco Soundcheck"

Piccie credit- below Barry H. & Paula H.- Barry L. The Biggest Santana Fan- Me, McCartney R -without Macca hat! :) Banner foto credit: Luuk Reinders, taken in Dublin RDS arena~

Paul finally arrived..
Paul was in rare form, as always. We all greeted Macca with cheers and excitement! all done up with sunglasses and all, Paul and the band ( with sunglasses ) began their mini jam session.
Paul welcomed us and asked 'where the flowers were in our hair?' hahahaha- Paul jammed, San Francisco Bay Blues - Ram On- Every night- Sea Melody~to name a few.. Paul, than spoke to us.
a Sign _ I see- I LOVE THAT SONG!~
" I LOVE THAT SONG. I love that song, you love that song~
Thank you, for all your support - and your ~ HAT!!!"

said Paul McCartney. Did Paul say anything else, did I miss a thing? as I held up the sign- blowing in my face, I laughed. Paul made me laugh and I was trying to get him and the band to laugh! I held up the sign, each time, Paul, started a new song.. Wow, coolio.. Would Paul get the sign this time?

Note: we're are all great fans of Paul McCartney ~ Me, just one in a million~
Second time Macca had spoken to me from the stage at sound check.. first time in Dallas- That was FUN also.. Paul just thanked me?! ahh.. Wow, trip! I don't think he could see the sign clearly I wasn't sure..I wanted him to "try on - the hat".. I knew it was slim chance but,
I have worn this 'MACCA hat' to over 30 gigs so far - it has traveled alot of miles- with me... I than wanted to make sure I could remember what Paul had said..? my mind raced quickly~
NO, Thank you Paul! For all the music..I tried, to shout back!~ Paul, than mentioned an 8 year old girl was in the group today along with an 80 year old man who's birthday was today ? all ages.~ here today ..he than read BeatleBarbs sign- not sure what it said..something about the Beatles~ ? as he mentioned years~ I couldn't hear what he said clearly~

note: the 2nd half of this blog post is difficult to write: it started off as a great day - than went bad- all bad before the gig started!~ sigh! Some reason I cann
ot upload foto's again ..I will in the days to come.. We were lead to the Vip lounge and had a great veggie dinner. Yum!

what about security?~
Soon to our seats...Well, I went to sit down.. and obviously the 5th row had too much 'party' many drunk.. I got yelled at about wearing my hat. I was in the 4th row..I didn't say a thing. a couple, were kicking my chair and yelling, cussing in my ear along with the guy next to me; who was part of the VIP soundcheck- I felt very bad for him.. the couple became threatening- So I went to security; One of Paul's head security was too busy doing stuff when I tried to ask for some help..the head security of AT&T park talked to the couple and informed them if they kept up they would be thrown out.. he meant business~
This couple was arguing with security. I didn't say a word. ..Are you kidding me? In all the gigs I have been too, I had never had a problem. if that wasn't bad enough, a huge guy next to the couple got in on the action.. Yelling and cussing at me thru-out the gig.. I didn't know what to do?.. there was a fan over 6 ft tall, who stood in front of me the whole time taking piccies- nothing else and I had to duck and dodge trying to get a view..
While trying to help a woman get a view to take pics herself... I hope MPL gets wind somehow, on the possible dangers for woman solo fans- at Paul McCartney's upcoming gigs~ being harrassed.. and lookout for us in those first few rows... is this at all possible?!
Female Fans Safety~
I wasn't sure whether to call security again and I worried that if they, had, come to talk to this drunk man- and left - he might hit me or something? he kept pushing me- saying foul things and I finally turned around and gave him a dirty look- During 1985- I put my hat on and he said "Bitch I can't see" - he was huge. He took my hat and hid it underneath a this same guy was even bothering me before the gig started, along with the ranting couple- asking about after party's and if I had any weed?..

Every time, I attempted to hold up my banner. Whamo! I was hit in the right arm..We pay alot of money to be in these seats, to have a beautiful time, and at $1500 the 2nd half of my night was ruined as I had to deal - with screaming, harassing drunks .. It was hard to focus on the gig..I was concerned for my personal safety...I never want to go through that again..I want to enjoy Paul McCartney & his band!

If you can't handle alcohol- don't drink - that's right~

Paul McCartney in San Francisco AT&T Park Holding up that Hofner :)

Getting back to Soundcheck

Paul Thank you, so much, for playing Ram On & Sea Melody from Rupert the bear. Such memories from Kings Dock Liverpool 2003 Me & my Matey Sarah, Swaying Daisy & Fi going crazy~ Ok, wild crazy that day!~ wasn't Liverpool brilliant?! Sea Melody almost got me misty - Miles of Smiles~

ahh here is a snippet below~

haunting lil ditty from Macca~ played at San Francisco soundcheck and Liverpool 2003

more later~ :)
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