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Friday, August 06, 2010

On my way to Toronto-a Paul McCartney Adventure!

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On my way to Toronto-a Paul McCartney Adventure!

Hey People!! It's 8:52 pm Friday night. I had to work today-got off early and ran around doing stuff, before my next adventure, Toronto, Canada~ finally sat down, and it's almost 9 pm? Where did the time go? I suppose, I should plan a little better next time..ha! why I leave everything last minute is beyond me :) Anyhow, I have never been to Toronto, and I'm getting excited to go.
what time do you gotta be at the Airport?
I have to be at the airport at 5:30 am-yikes! while all of you, will be sleeping in your beds happy and content dreaming of?.
ME, I'll be half asleep, waiting to board my flight, after 6 am. it's going to be a bit of an ordeal getting from Pearson airport to downtown Toronto from what I hear. I am hoping I get to the hotel before dusk.. I'm a bit cross-eyed as I type at this very mo.heheheh. Perhaps I will post a lil bit more at 4am. I cannot wait to see Paul McCartney again outside of the United States. Another adventure awaits!

What's new on the setlist
I hear, Paul & the band will have a full pipe band. Is Mull Of Kintyre going to be played?!
I LOVE THAT SONG!~ I have never heard a pipe band live; or Mull for that matter. Ohh my..Oh, I hope Paul decides to mix up the set list a bit; will he or won't he, that IS the question?

it's 3:22 am- oh man- I'm lap top still.(yawn) I'd like to post from Toronto ( still yawning hard lol )

Oh Canada~
It's 2:05 pm Canada time...geez, what a mini night-mare getting here to downtown Toronto.. The city is closed off; (meaning you can't get into downtown from the freeway) so, it took even a longer bus trip to arrive here at the hotel... the freeways are jammed packed with traffic. Just found out from the front desk there is a closer airport minutes away actually..ha!!! I arrived at 6:30 pm- so in total 12 hrs of travel time..hahaha~ took awhile to get thru customs and to find my bag that I had to check. And how was your day? wondering if I can change my flight back to the states?

Is that Snoop Dog?
last night after I posted, I was in the front lobby. I noticed a crew come in.. The guy in the front looked like Snoop dog. Nah Snoop can't be here, but it sure looked liked I'm back down outside today a guy asks me for a ciggy.  he way flying a Lakers jacket :) I said ' did you notice Snoop was here or? ' the guy says 'oh yeah Snoop was here for a gig' he played last night. They're on their way to Novia Scotia... the guy's name  was Carlos, Snoops drummer. Coolio, right on drummer I told him.. I would have liked to have met Snoop myself .. that's a 2nd time I almost bummed into the Dog.. told him- I was here for Paul McCartney.. Carlos said he loved Paul!.. Well, Right On Carlos (we love Paul too) drummers freakin Rawk.. Now I'd like to meet Abe, Paul's drummer.

Ok People, tonights gig at the Air Canada Center was freakin cool.. The people of Toronto so great and welcoming ..
What the hell?
about 40 mins ago the fire alarm sounded I was in a dead sleep.. the alarm was at the top floor - no fire
more too come...

The Gigs, Were some of the best ever!/ My Friend Jen gets her arm signed by Paul at Sound check.. 
Hey people, these last two gigs were some of Paul McCartney's best ever! I lost my fucking phone in a cab..& my friend Jen got her arm signed by Paul @ the sound check.. what the? I am happy for her.. I wish it was me.. but Jen deserves it!~..I swear, I didn't cry when she walked up to me tonight- me in the 14th row on the isle.. I was shocked.. more when I get back to the states..~ I have a very very early flight!!~
I will start a new post most likely tonight with piccies if I'm not to tired!!~

more later-
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