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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Yo James Durbin I was Amazed!!!

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Yo  James Durbin I was Amazed!!!
update below

OK, so I'm watching American Idol.. Than it's James - ( The Rocker ) turn to pick a song from his favorite artist whom he admires - Loves.. And who does he pick? Paul McCartney..That's right  What the? Dude are you serious?!! What Macca song is  he going to sing?.. Maybe I'm Amazed.. Ok, the kids got 'The Rocker' Voice. Last week he did a Judas Priest - hit.. nailed it . How will he do with Maybe I'm Amazed?

Damn dude, that was freaking great. It Rocked! Like Randy said you "slayed it" My only  critique would be; you didn't get to sing the song in it's entirety! I Loved how you hit them high notes with that rocker edge..brought down with the Ooohhh Oohhh Yeah.. in tune on time - perfect.  That was HOT!   I think Macca would have loved that.. Keep on Keepin on.. Note: Miema, Girl that was Bad! I dug that.....

I'm also Loving Casey Abrams. Dude you rawk hard!  Let it Loose Casey -I know you can..

Loving Steven Tyler.. Fuck Man - you Rawk and keep it real.. Steven's fun gotta Love him..and his linguistics...I dig that! Jennifer Lopez .. sweet.. like her.. and Randy Jackson? We LOVE The Dawg!

Below: James Durbins mini performance of- Maybe I'm Amazed - what do you think - more below

James Durbin - Maybe I'm Amazed American Idol 2011

 note: Too Many commercials

Yo American Idol ,there are too many freaking commercials..  hate that! Cut it with all the commercials.. I miss Simon Cowell while I'm at it.. ( really miss him )...let them sing the songs in there entirety -not snippets less commercials. Also, The judges are pretty generous with their compliments.. Some of the songs soundes like crap, really - being honest .... the rest of tonight's show?    ZZZZZZZZZZZ's


April 6th

Yo James! While My Guitar Gently Weeps - fuckin ROCKED!!! I appreciate your tributes to Paul McCartney  & The Beatles - Dude, You have voice & heart!!! Well done~

McCartney- Harleyblues

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