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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On My Way To England To See Paul McCartney!

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 On My Way To England To See Paul McCartney!

Hello people. getting ready to leave for England to see Paul McCartney in Manchester & Liverpool in the morning- in less than 12 hours.. Just packing now.. Have to get up at 5am - wake up and head to San Francisco airport .. I'm so excited!  I hope, I can sleep a few hours..How cold is it going to be in Manchester & Liverpool? I Love England.. I Love Liverpool..Oh I cannot wait..

  Note: Remembering my passport is key ..ha! In the last two weeks Macca had played Paris, Cologne, Bologna, London, Stockholm, Finland & tonight Moscow..I heard from friends that all gigs have been superb and Paul in fine voice.. woooohoo I cannot wait to hear Paperback Writer  they kick ass on that song! & some of the new songs, Paul, has added to the set list Least fav,  live 'Lemme Roll It"

 HEY You!  reading this, were you there at any of the above gigs? Are you going to Rawk out in England-  Manchester or Liverpool-post a message ...
Manchester & Liverpool surely to be a party- especially Liverpool.. Every Paul McCartney gig is an event to had and  experience.. Cannot post from the road unless I find cheap internet :) Sure hope this will be, my time of times, to meet Paul.. a dream for sure .. but I hold onto that dream..

9:19pm haha! everything doesn't fit into my rollie .. I had to pull out the big suit case, geez.. more airline budget is tight already...

England, here I come it's been many years - Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time! 

ps don't forget to check out Paul McCartney's new website - It's very cool, Premium membership has it's privileges..

Fans waiting for Paul McCartney, Bologna, Italy.. below

more to come ..

I'm in Manchester

Hello everyone!!!!

I'm in Manchester and it's costing me 30p per min to type you here... Ok so it's been an adventure already .. we fly in to Manchester and had to be diverted to Birmingham.. the flight was already a 1/2 late .. as we sat in the plane for a few hours.. mind you, we were in a very cramped aircraft !! everyone was upset of course it was snowing buckets at the airport also ice.. finally, at 11:30am we flew back to Manchester it was still snowing and tons of ice around.. I was up over 24 hours with no sleep ..

I was suppose to arrive at 7:30am but after customs and getting suitcase it was 1pm sad.. cos I didn't know where to get the train the cab cost £25 wheww... there goes the walking money .. gotta get monies somehow .. I was walking forever, last night, trying to find a shopping center .. Whew thank God I arrived a few days early .. thios will be my last post for a bit since I have no computer ..

Wow, I'm Home what a Trip!!
Dec 24th

Hello people.. I'm home from Grand Ol England.. it was a TRIP to say the least.. will be starting blog posts on Manchester & Liverpool, very shortly There were many highs and many lows ..ha! and I had to work yesterday .. whew.. I made it! I'll say this Paul McCartney and his band WERE ON FIRE!!!

more to come
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