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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Out There-- Tokyo Japan!

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OUT THERE - Tokyo Japan!
konichiwa Japan, in tokyo to see paul mccartney- at the Tokyo dome. on this crap tablet. so stay tuned...Excited!
. . .Wow! can you say OMG!!! Tokyo dome, last night, was on fire; with incredible new set list... 50,000 people rocked out with Paul McCartney and the band which surely was a night to remember.. fans sang along and were very happy. I was 3rd row center and had a blast as always ... Pauls Japanese was great too. Even tho I had no idea what he was saying.. got pics, hafta return to the states and upload them.. 2 more gigs so stay tuned
a special treat Paul did -Oh My Way To Work. First time,.. played live for Japanese fans and ME!.. hahaha

Saturday, September 21, 2013

What's NEW with Paul McCartney - iHeart Radio Jimmy Kimmel Live- NEW, album

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What's NEW with Paul McCartney - iHeart Radio -Jimmy Kimmel Live- NEW, album


Hey people, Paul McCartney is all over the place - on the west coast, that is.. Tonight, Paul, performs in
 Las Vegas at the iHeart radio festival, along with other major artists Bruno Mars- Justin Timeberlake- Drake to name a few. This show should kick ass- tonight's line up killer. Trying to score tix for the event really sucked.sold out in a few matter how many contests you entered, it was a-no go, lots of disappointed fans. The 2 night event is available here Yahoo iHeart Radio  where you can watch live..saw last nights gig pretty amazing...

Paul performs a NEW song last Night at Iheart Radio Everybody Out There - cannot find decent vid for "Save Us'

Oh you're gonna do Jimmy, Paul?

On Tuesday it was announced that Paul, would be on Jimmy Kimmel Live  LA; than an out door gig for  fans in the studio and those who were able to score tix. through a lottery via another tough one since there was high demand' for these babies -only 2000  tix were offered to those who got picked in the lottery ... the best tix for the studio audience - family friends VIP's same yayaya...

Lemme in Lemme WIN!

I entered that damn lottery ..and no luck .. 1st iHeart, now Jimmy Kimmel? Gutted! I kept checking my status.. "Sold out" was the message..Today, Saturday,  a last ditch option to tweet about the Jimmy Kimmel Hollywood Blvd concert,  tweets flying galore... kinda sad cos I travel to see Paul McCartney all over the world and I can't even fucking see him in my own state?... I still had to fly to LA .so bought a plane ticket Tuesday and was going to LA regardless.... I checked my status on ..available---WTF?
but I just had a message -- 'no tickets available sorry'--- I rushed to FED-EX to print off my ticket ..Yeah baby I'm going to the FREE gig-- whew.. thank you.. I leave for Burbank in the am.. bringing camera..


Well if you've been living under a rock and didn't know Paul McCartney's coming out with a NEW album entitled 'NEW' on October 14/15 world wide.... ... his first single "NEW" is quaint quirky with lovely harmonies.. The album's gonna be brilliant- buy it people you can pre-order via

check it out 

well, I'm 26 miles of beat...gonna watch the iHeart Radio gig in a few hours-- see you "Out There"

Friday, August 09, 2013

Outside Lands- whose ready?

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Outside Lands- whose ready?

Day 1--

It's 5:50am.. still waking up  drinking coffee and getting ready for work... dreading work actually... don't know if I'll make it for this first day of the 3 day event.. meaning, I'll be lucky to make it to see Paul McCartney's set ..kinda stressed right now about it ..  Lots of great bands I'd like to see today--- who I'm going to miss---an estimated 200,00 people will be attending over 3 days.. it's going to be a nightmare getting to Golden Gate Park on a Friday.. wished I had the day off..  good luck getting there..

from the 2nd row-- Outside Lands- DJ playing before Paul McCartney's set hella fucking people- you know it!

Friday got off at 3:30pm changed at work friend pics me up- and there was hella traffic on 101- off to 280 & highway 9 along the coast the beach getting to Outside Lands- the back way-- took almost 2 hours to get there whew barely made it... entered the VIP area to see a huge sea of people watching the previous act.. went to get myself a drink ( Bacardi & coke ) had no $$ a ATM was conveniently located next to the alcohol stand.. went to get money in the machine.. the options were $200 $210 $220 so on..  WTF! was this a misprint?-- couldn't get funds at first.. took out $200 bucks hoping I would loose it ..good thing I had my "Out There" back pack that really came in handy -- haha tried to get up as close as possible  to front row.....

 Paul's Team...

saw some of Paul's crew- Phil :)  security especially.. you could tell they were a busy people were flowing from behind/backstage-- lucky fuckers...and keeping an eye out for people with detachable lenses-- haha the pre-show started and the DJ was playing.. man, I almost missed this gig- missed the entire day.. happy to have made it there... I actually happened to get a piccie of one of Paul's head security-- the lovely & talented
. Mr. Mark Hamilton..-- why do I call him the lovely & talented?
The Mysterious-Mark Hamilton-Outside Lands

   in Paris 2004-- Brian Ray, Paul's guitarist, came over to my side of the stage-- calling out "Harley Harley"  he played a lil solo. SWEET!-. than threw down 2 guitar pics... I asked the security- not P Mac's mind you- almost screaming- to' give me the pics', give me the pics--- here comes this very  tall blonde guy built solid with glasses-- out from nowhere -he rips the guitar pics out of security's hands-- turns around opens my hand and gives me the pics closes my hand and  smiles-- I was shocked--wide eyed..a a a a-- thank you! I tell him..and he disappears.. after that date, I knew this guy--was a righteous cool dude.. Loved that!- yeah!
respect the security-- :) at times  Brian Riddle, another one of the security team.. is yelling up and down the street & not friendly at all.. guess he's doing his job-- not one to be nervous -Brian Riddle can be intimating..

kids, I tell you don't act all fucked up or drunk you'll get booted.. back to the "Lands" some guys were acting up and security  came round twice with San Fransisco police -- hoping over the fence in the front row.. something was going on? as Paul McCartney was on stage.. Hey? where was security-- when that drunk  guy kept pushing me all night & taking my hat at ATT park in 09?

having gotten to the festival late I couldn't get a great position..
It didn't help that very tall people were blocking my view from the front row.. one lady was saving spots for her hubby and her son.. both tall at the rail.. her son who had to be 19 or 20 was texting or checking his facebook thru-out the gig.. I almost said to him "wanna trade places" I was on the far right facing the stage.. in front of the screen.. so most of my pics came out like crap...damn!! so that is what I'll be posting from the show...It didn't help hat the camera boom was in the way & the lighting.. haha at me, I always have a bad time with camera's at gigs..

Paul McCartney & the band were on fire that first  night  .. I wonder how it looked from the stage.. as you can see from the pic top right.. there was a sea of people...

foto left-  and bottom right---the was an exciting gig.. I am spoiled not being front & center within the first few rows some wheres..

You got to see Paul live- if not once twice- the shows are amazing...

what I have noticed this tour.. Paul McCartney and his band are playing really solid with their rockers.. Love it myself..

He Paul-- think you could release the pre-show music... from all tours they rock!

My favs of the night Day Tripper- the Jimi Hendrix jam.. Paperback Writer-San Fransisco Bay Blues - Your Mother should know... Yesterday Lovely Rita- to name a few.. adding a few pics... now

video screen pic-when Paul steps out on stage

hard to take pics Paul McCartney Outside Lands

Day 2 Day 3

unable to go these two days trains stop at 8pm on weekends--- damn.. disappointed bought the 3 day VIP pass... next time I go I'm getting a hotel in the city-- watching the Red Hot Chili Peppers streaming now   ..oh well stuff happens...



Sunday, July 28, 2013

OMG! I Met Freaking Paul McCartney part 3

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 OMG! I Met Freaking Paul McCartney part 3

Paul McCartney & Uke- Vienna
As mentioned in part 2 of meeting Paul.. We were than let in directly after the Sound check which was standing room only.. security had come to ask if MJ, ( MJ Kim )  Paul's tour photographer had taken our pics -- we said -NO... Michael, one of Paul's security had asked if Paul had signed my tattoo? NO... I'm just thinking that Paul had forgotten or had gotten busy ...that's got to be it :

The best day of my life! 

It was such an exciting day that June 27th.. a lovely day not a cloud in the sky... I was trying to process.. meeting Paul and to be in the moment.. This day would end in just a few short hours & I would be off to the states- the next day.. A surreal experience that I just didn't want to end.. What was it like to meet Paul McCartney?  It's hard to put into words..Paul McCartney, touches the heart & spirits of people..Are you kidding me? It Freaking Rocked meeting Paul!

 he is so prolific--  not gushing- I'm being honest here.."It was the best day of my life!" I had every happy emotion one human can ever feel all at one time. Something inside me felt a huge release,.. all that bad just melted away.  I had wished I could have spoken to Paul just a few minutes more.. not being selfish.. but- when does one get a chance to meet the most prolific musician of our time; Someone you dreamed of meeting all your life? Whoa!  I think it would be  much easier to win the lottery than to meet Paul.haha-- real talk..a childhood dream came true... how often does that happen? I wonder what my mom would think now, me meeting Paul?  I really thank God for this-  hugs..People have asked what does Paul smell like? How tall is he? did you hug him tight? did he sign your tattoo?

I didn't smell Paul's neck-- he would have slapped me.. taller than me I'm about 5'6 No- didn't hug him tight his guitar was in the way - tho would have given a proper hug without guitar-- Paul is charming & very funny-- a mischievous humor.. I believe.. No sadley Paul did not sign it-- said he would...
When you were young & your heart's  was an open book

Paul McCartney Vienna, Austria "Out There"
I had a vision when I was 15 years old.... standing on a stage.. a sea of people as far as the eye could see.. people were cheering -- clapping.. I thought I would be a singer, when i grew up..true.I believed this vision of me singing on this stage..  life happened and this never happened..I'm wondering if a teenage vision that I had thru -out my life- was this me meeting Paul McCartney?

 but there wasn't a sea of people on this special day... a handful of sound checkers  standing in front of a soundboard  in Vienna Austria-- with
empty space on the floor- no one out there.. just the crew.. the band- Paul McCartney and us on stage trying to keep it cool.. us talking with Paul, than dancing on stage.. sigh..

It's getting Better All The Time- The Show--is Paul changin?

After the pre-show  the gig started and this was a gig to remember.. Paul & The band played and impromptu- RAM ON- by request by a sign in the audience. Macca, had said,  they usually don't take requests..but they played it..every song so beautifully executed  as if hearing the set  for the first time.. Paul, seemed so relaxed-- really happy to be in Vienna- each and every song was perfect..Day Tripper - was brilliant- hell, all the songs performed that night were perfect. even "Let Me Roll It"  not a personal fav but I'm enjoying it. Your Mother Should Know-- made me cry my ass off in Warsaw, a definite fav - laughing at myself.. Paul, surprised the fans with " Saw Her Standing There" on the encore- the best version I ever heard ..

Vienna- Paul McCartney -Something
   It was many first this:
 "Out There" tour..
I feel- something inside Paul, saying - fuck it- lets do this- lets go for it- go for broke!- a mental shift/change in Paul McCartney- he's really rocking out these songs this tour- so differently than past tours. The rockers a little more heavier. & longer - a new set - impromptu's, surprises each gig-- a real rock concert, how a gig should..Lets just say 'Paul McCartney, is kicking ASS this tour'. even media reports are blown away- haha! like they've just discovered the greatest new band on earth-- kid you not - Paul McCartney's really flowin..-- the bands flowin. I'm digging the fresh new Paul. he's just getting started--We're all amazed!- as I smile...

Paul & Band Rusty Anderson -Brian Ray- Out There

And in the End, The Love You Take-Thank you Paul :)

 A huge Thank you to Paul McCartney- for making a childhood dream come true.yeah!  ( but what about my tattoo? - smiles- : ) a Yeah to MPL!- the fabulous Crew- for cheering me on! blushing-  Oh Phil- piano guy--Paul's security team ( great guys ) Mr. Mark Hamilton, Michael, Brian R..Sound engineer Pablo, with great humor- MJ Kim photographer- hope I get a piccie soon..Alex- on video you're cool dude..Jimmy- video screens- another cool dude- :) Event Travel- Tim, is so sweet to the fans..Paul's band- Brian, Abe, Wix, Rusty-and anyone else i have met threw the years.. you all rock! a huge sincere thank you from my heart.. I'm honored and humbled..It feels like one huge family following you all these years...YEAH!

pssst Hey Paul, I know you can pull off Uncle Albert-- on pins & needles waiting for this one. :)

Paul and his rocking band- Vienna Austria- finally got a pic of them in the end! Yeah!

This entire tour experience has been great-- the travel, people, different countries- gigs next- Outside Lands in San Francisco- which I will be late too.. damn.. I hope I don't miss Paul's set..cos I can't leave until after work..

 Note: parts 1 & 2 below might add more later in case I forgot something.. ha!

 I Met Paul McCartney part 1

I met Paul McCartney part 2


Sunday, July 14, 2013


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Paul McCartney & that Holfner-Vienna Austria

As I said in part 1after I met Paul than came Alexander- from Sweden sorry Alex thought you were from Russia )

Dancin Dancin Dancin!

Next - Paul said we all were his dancers- something to that affect; that we would be dancing on stage!
 OMG! WTF? HUH? YEAH!!! Paul & the band broke into It's So Easy to Fall in Love  - by Buddy Holly. Paul and the band began to play-- and us, on stage - started dancing.. Whaaa?  I couldn't believe it.. just let loose & danced my heart out... I cannot describe the full happiness & joy I was feeling .. I felt every happy feeling & emotion - one human could ever feel and it's really hard to describe....

foto credit Elsa B.. Texas--Me about to hug Paul the 'othe'r McCartney-

 I sit here 3 weeks later- in awe and say to myself.."did this really happen?" the coolest experience any McCartney or Beatles fan could ever  experience in  life time.. I felt like a lil kid on stage--- dancing & twirling around.. happy feet, Snoopy dance... I hope I didn't look like a dork? haha! 
 I didn't want this to end ,, and it felt like Paul was playing on  forever. and having a great time too-being on that stage, you felt like you were part of one BIG, huge happy family... ( not to sound corny) such a joy joy a joy joy! at one  point- I was pointing  with both hands to Paul, while dancing  and he pointed his guitar at me.. playing it pointing it up and down a small minuet guitar solo ..Nice one Paul.. thank you!..

During our dancing you could hear the sound checkers cheering & dancing along in front of the sound board..MJ took pics & Alex.. filmed the entire thing.  I wonder if Paul got a laugh after wards?  the small snippet I saw on Youtube I was like 'OMG' so much fun..Here's a snippet of us dancing with Paul & the band ---link below

Paul McCartney - It's So Easy To Fall In Love

( pic right taken by my fiend Jen Dodge at a recent gig- who happily hand her armed signed by Paul when we were in Toronto-- err xx )
Photo taken by Jen Dodge- Out There Tour

the song finally ended.. I turned to Abe'( Paul's drummer) Dude, did you see that?!!  that fucking rocked!- Abe throwing up his hands yeah yeah yeah- both of us at the same time.. than to Brian Rusty Wix... they all were having a great time...we were than scooted off stage-

 I said to Paul, "What about my tattoo!" OK a little later - he said.. UGH! as we left the stage they than broke out into BLUEBIRD man that was the best! we walked off.. I said to Pablo, Paul's sound engineer.. Pablo!!.. that rocked!.. Pablo had the hugest most sincere smile ever.. that was cool..

people were congratulating us.. than we hear Lady Madonna.. in just a few short minutes we would be heading into the gate to stand inline for the actual gig   security and Event Travel told us not to run.. Well people ran as I was in the front of the line I ended up between Rusty  ( Left ) which kinda sucked.. I wanted to be in the middle to get great pics...

MPL Video- Roll It

shortly after,  we were let in, a tap on my shoulder.. a guy from MPL - Alex, asked if he could talk with me a few minutes.. Ahhh sure?.. If I don't look like an idiot I told him.. He wanted to know how we got on stage , how long I have been a fan..about my name: "MCCARTNEY" and other lil tidbits.. I started rambling on about being a fan ever since I could remember.. My mom had called me one year while waiting at Dallas airport to see Paul one evening. My mother asked:

 " Why do you always follow Paul McCartney?" me: "Mom you don't get it- Paul The Beatles & God, have been the only constant in my entire life!"" "Yes I do get it" when you were a toddler and your father began learning guitar he began playing Beatles songs-- he started out with Hey Jude- he would play that damn song over & over & over until he got it --than moved on to the next song.. You, would rock on the floor- before you could even walk-- it's in your DNA- :Oh really?.. I thought.. the music makes me happy I wished I had been part of that Beatles family - because I never had one! it was kind of a painful conversation- to be honest.. She knew what I meant..
- needless to say she was pissed off and hung up on me.. I thought to myself?.. you know I'll follow Paul as much as I want and when I have the monies- Geez some people just don't get it...

i just gushed.. while talking with Alex .. on and on.. I than told him about the name "McCartney" some of my why's to the name- the name change  and that "I hoped, when Paul found out he wouldn't be mad" I kinda laughed.. I wonder what Paul thought of that lil snippet of video.. hope I came across well.. one could only dream of having that type pf conversation with Paul McCartney-- I was so excited & nervous.. I felt, I didn't get to tell in that vid.. all my true feelings. I wanted t express how much Paul meant to me. & the name is an honor I gave to myself honoring Paul

Whats wrong with that? gutsy-brave- no just me... and it wasn't something I did on a whim...When the interview finished I went back to my spot.. waiting for the show to begin -- the pre-show.. two of Paul's security team came up to talk with some of us asking if MJ took our pics? NO.. Michael asked if Paul had signed my tattoo? NO, ahh -who seemed surprised..I was just hoping Paul got busy - I didn't want to think they worst .. that he thought it was a bother.. or maybe he just forgot? 

more later

Monday, July 08, 2013


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& Running into the Band!

CHECK THIS OUT! PS. Long post :)

SO, after the gig in Verona, at the Coliseum.. I was kinda stranded.. I had a tiny piece of paper with the hotels name barely legible.. I sat there ( outside) reflecting on the nights gig... & how brilliant it was.. Fuck!  I was all alone in Italy- funny & ironic at the same time.. I could see .. Paul & the band-- laughing in my mind to another huge success- that rocked people's socks off!.  Another gig-- that just went down.  I  had to figure away to get back to the hotel, with no key card, I began to walk towards the direction of the hotel..  The night air was fresh--- the sky clear at least I didn't have to worry about it raining...

Abe Me Brian Rusty- Verona Airport
I finally was able to flag down a taxi.. The driver spoke no English only in Italian.. I gave him the first name of the hotel & he nodded.. I got back to the hotel & tried logging on to Facebook..It was 2:30am in Italy>  Still working on 3-5 hrs  of sleep a night.. I thought about my flight to Vienna the next 12:30pm.. ugh, thank God I made it to the hotel.. i rolled into bed at 4am.. suddenly, it was daylight- I got ready quick style to go to the airport- Man, was I feeling rough..

June 26th Whaaa You Ran In to the Band?

At the Airport,.. I had time to kill. Walking around, who do I see coming into the airport? Abe! drummer for Paul's band - than Brian Ray- guitarist ,, Rusty. Anderson- guitarist- WIX.- fearless .. organist & percussion extraordinaire...the MPL crew..

. I went up to Abe. OMG! Abe, after all these years I finally get to meet you .. Brian Ray, there's Harley!   ( my nick name )  - I had met the other band members years ago).... I laughed with the guys.. took pics with the band.. MJ took a pic of himself with my camera.,, than, took a pic of me & Wix..Would have been nice to get a pic- with the entire ban.

  more- below----

WIX- & Me-
  Brian: "Harley, did you win the lottery or something?- your following us everywhere!"  ha ha!
We all ended up in the same security line...for a very long time.. I wanted to chat with them,  ( the band ) in that security -line but didn't want to bother them..

 I thanked Wix for taking care of Paul.. "Paul is a big boy he can take care of himself'" said Wix.. Me:  "Yeah, well, your're the back bone Wix, you're the one who holds it all together"
I told Brian,  I loved them..  ...Security,  jacked up Abe for his lap -top.. Abe, huge smile with airport security...

MJ Kin- Photographer for Paul McCartney

As they went into the bus.. Brian said "See you in Vienna"~ I love that dang band- lovely bunch..

As they went to get on their plane .. I had to wait another hour for Cologne, Germany,- than Vienna... Geez so many Airports I did frequent on this trip- many.. It was very difficult waiting on those planes. The Flight was delayed from Cologne to Vienna... Finally, landing in Vienna...Me & another fan took the train into the City Center of Vienna.. It was late 11:15 pm when I arrived at my hotel..12am when I got to sleep... wheew a huge day was coming up..

Sound-Check!! WHAT!

I was hurting for sleep when I woke-in the early am..I wasn't sure Id make the gig?! I thought about skipping the Sound Check, cos, I was dead tired..I figured, once I got ready.. Adrenaline would kick in and somehow I would be fine..I got to Ernst- Happel Stadium- huge! I had no info for Sound- check and walked half way around the Stadium... I see a familiar figure- Brian R- ( one of Paul security team ) he joked- ' What are you doing here?" i found the VIP line.. it wasn't as big as Warsaw & certainly smaller than Verona.. We went thru the line pretty quickly! damn we were even closer! ...

No Rain in site! Dynamite! haha here comes Paul & the band! My recall is usually excellent- but I got it a bit incorrect from what I told Beatles Examiner & The Macca report... I danced the entire Sound check

 Sound check setlist:
Paul McCartney & Abe Sound Check- Vienna!

First song:                                                                                                        

Yakety Yak...
Honey Don't---
 Paul to the crowd? how many people from Vienna? how many from Austria? how many from other countries?... we all cheer!-  ( the ones from other countries )... next a huge instrumental with a reggae/Latin beat.. never heard it before 
someone yells Monk-berry Moon Delight 
Flaming Pie---
Penny Lane --   Someone screams I Love You Paul 
Celebration! -------a fave
 Paul: that quieted you down now didn't? l ( Hilarious ) 

 Whole Lotta shaken going on~

in the back ground- on mic- you hear 'meeeowwww',, who did that? 

Paul: this is for Shelly Lazar- just because
San Francisco Bay Blues~
Sun is Shinning---
Ram On----
Midnight Special--- if you ever come to Vienna- sings Paul.. lalala

 This Can't be happening! WHAT! WE'RE MEETING PAUL MCCARTNEY?!

Next -Paul is calling up two girls.. AHH Hell NO!!! 
 I'm never going to meet Paul! I thought! I saw security talking to Paul on stage.. here comes Brian Riddle again, he tells one girl Olga, you're  going you're up..
 Brian than comes up to me..- You're going up on stage!! Me. WTF?!!! No way!     jumping up and down!!! in shock - We made it to the stage.....OMG OMG!!!  I couldn't run because I have a bad knee.. I thought I was the last person on stage.. to speak to Paul but, It was a guy from Sweden---
 here's what went down! Paul: what's your name Bettina- from Germany-- more talk..whats your name Chelsea, where ya from? Perth --more talk ...what's your name Olga-- from? - ( sorry Olga I couldn't hear..) what's your name Sue - my names Sue how do you do?...where you from California.. Sue, shows Paul her Beatles finger nails...

Oh God-- I'm Next! 

 I walked up to Paul, as I walked up he said  I see a top hat- "Macca" I was wearing my 'Macca' hat.
 I said: "Your freaking Paul McCartney!"--- Paul smiled...'Hi Paul' I said...
Paul: SO WHAT'S-  your name?
Me: McCartney! - -- ( cheers )
Paul  McCartney! yeah?  Not it's Not?! --- Paul seemed amused,-grinning- surprised?
Me: Yes it is! .McCartney Giannoni

Paul: McCartney Giannoni--- did you change it?
Me: YES!
Paul: - in a voice --
I did Paul- just like Elton!..... Excellent!
Me:  thinking-----yeah?..  Paul smiling ...
Paul: Where you from 
Me: California
Paul California!
Me: Can you sign my tattoo? Paul looks at tattoo
Paul: I can sign it... a bit  later....   ( OMG! I thought )

I didn't get the " Just Like Elton" part at first duh!~ hahaha I was is shock, surprise, elation!  but trying to maintain my composure am I really talking to Paul McCartney- on stage, with the band, in Vienna,  Austria?!! Wow! just wow  I felt every happy emotion you can think of

We are dancing on stage are you kidding me? haha!!!!

next a guy comes up-. Paul what's your name Alexander Paul Alexander the Great? where you from Sweden
Paul: Swedenn!!  Paul than says we were all going to Dance to Buddy Holly's It's So Easy- Paul and the band began to play - this ROCKS! MORE LATER :)

A picture I took of Paul McCartney I took while dancing on stage- Sound Check- Vienna Austria

Now BLUEBIRD!!!! Razz
Lady Madonna

stay tuned- more to come!!!! haha!!!!!!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Paul McCatney - Out There Verona- The GIG! part 3

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Paul McCartney - Out There Verona- The GIG! part 3

note: - the gig- w/pics subject to updates

Verona Coliseum- Verona, Italy- foto credit- Gianna Fulla- Italy

fans camped outside- waiting to get in..

After dinner with Yves & Sarah.. we went into the venue .. I couldn't find the entrance .. when I entered into - what I call a cave...
There were no, stair rails,  so I had to be escorted downstairs to the floor.. way far down.. I have a ( bad knee ) climbing down is almost impossible...I than ran into Kimsey, from Hungry  & Dawn from the UK.. so lovely to see the girls! YEAH!

excited they would be sharing in this event- a first ever Paul McCartney in Verona seat was very close-- even better than Warsaw where I was 3rd row center.. in Verona I was 5th row Isle.. stage was closer- On Paul & Rusty's side! yeah!  I than met Gianna Fulla- from Italy - & a few other fans .. that I know. The venue was lovely

it was still day light the DJ & pre- show music began! Not long now!

As the screens rolled, and were coming to an end.. Paul McCartney would walk out with- Eight Day's a Week opener !

Pre-show music vids Verona

before the show- pic Right- as the anticipation builds...It was cool, being on the isle.. even the security at the venue was cool.. One of the best ever.. they weren't pushy or mean.. A huge sigh of relief...for fans that like to have fun!

Well the show begins and the front row security is telling people to sit down? WTF? This is a rock concert not an opera...Most of the fans sat.. that was the oddest thing ever!

People were coming up to me and telling me to sit down in Italian- UM, NO WAY!!!  One guy even came up and hit me really hard in the arm & shoulder.. I decided to let that one go.. and enjoy the show -- people were even sitting down for the rockers  even----huh?

A very weird experience and I wonder what Paul& The band,   was making out of all of this? I saw one of Paul's security telling- the Italian security--

 they/ fans  didn't have to  sit down...a definite trip during a live concert! I thought the Italians were a passionate people? "'Whatsa matter with You!'
Opener- Eight Days A Week- Verona Italy

Paul- was in fine,  rare form as the ultimate musical professional ... he told jokes in Italian... A bit later- Paul, took off his jacket and wanted to take it all in.. Italians, stood up with signs "Paul, You're Our Emperor" a pic of Paul, with a crown on his head in Roman clothing--- hahah

Paul was touched and joked.. "I guess that isn't a thumbs down for me than" I laughed so hard - ( as Paul Made the gesture of a thumbs up ) ..--- Good one Paul! You- so funny~

Below- some of the pics I took at the gig------

Band- long shot in Verona----

Paul McCartney & that legendary Hofner - Souful

it was difficult  at times to get pics - because of lighting -- posting some that turned-out somewhat OK

Paperback Writer- Verona

Foto Left:
 Paperback Writer --- and still- hardly, anyone was dancing---even when they played - Band on the Run... haha-

You know,
 I was! It must be the Italian way ~ :)

Close up of Brian Ray--- left...

Looking thru the pics light hit a lot of them- bummer..

more below---

See Paul's hand right- he was strumming---pretty quickly,    I might add--

At one point.. Paul tried to do an operatic song- but he said he didn't know any Italian songs!!

The Crowd broke into Volare
Swweet!!! & Paul pretty much dug-it-- as the fans  broke into a full verse- Nice!

Note will add more pics of Verona later.. I loved the gig with the exception... of a sedate- non dancing crowd..



Hello Verona!- Paul McCartney is- OUT THERE! part 2 - Sound Check

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Hello Verona!- Paul McCartney is- OUT THERE! part 2 Sound Check

note: long post
Italian Sign of The Out There Tour off the highway-Verona

Buongiorno, Italia! Gig day-    at the Coliseum...such a lovely & beautiful morning . Sky's clear no chance of it rained on us girls-- waiting for Paul in Warsaw.. NICE!  (  We don't want to ruin our hair ).. We were running late that day and almost missed the cab..

 We went to the VIP entrance-- at 3pm..Tim from Event Travel-- announced it would be another half hour...that half hour turned to another hour than a bit past  5 pm... waiting on the steps of the sun was blistering hot!  --

I decided to sit at the cafe across.. the plaza.. drink some coffee.. huge lines were already forming and wondered we were ever going to hear Sound-check? Apparently the rain stopped production of the stage being built ...I wondered if Paul McCartney was even in town yet?

I noticed the VIP line starting to move.. & rushed over ..It took forever to get into the venue.. there must have been 300 people standing inline getting their - Sound Check wrist bands-  gift bag- a nice bag- tee-shirt & tour program...

Me & sound checkers before the rain started Verona
we entered and it seemed as if we were in a cave... than were were let in.. we waited for Paul, Abe came out first.. the sky began to turn grey-- Tim was talking to all the Sound checkers
the sky became grey & cloudier ... It began to RAIN...

Tim ( Event Travel ) informed us if we wanted to go inside we could but we didn't want to loose our seats.. it rain & it rained some more a huge down pour! oh Hell NO! we all gather inside like squashed sardines- waiting for the rain to cease.. Would the sound Check go on as planned?..after 10-15 minutes.. the rain sub-sided to a drizzle.. We we back out.. a few minutes later out comes PAUL! YEAH!

Paul sound hello and spoke a bit of Italian... Midway thru Sound Check,  Paul, calls up some Italian fans on stage... Were they excited!! Paul liked their creative sign.... Us fans do all kinds of things to get his attention...and this sign was huge!! haha :)

Local Italian Fans up on stage w/ Paul McCartney during Sound Check - Take Off Your Shoes And Join US

So up they go! They go up Paul, asked them their names - one right after another and than says
 "I'm Paul from Liverpool" haha Paul took off his shoes.. It was a great site .. Paul gave them hugs and off they were...I screamed " What About us Girls?" Paul, said back.."Oh Baby Baby" OK, I was gutted..I hafta admit- never would Paul meet "MACCA" hat girl.... I did have the sign I made - most likely too difficult to read - It was raining again- not pouring - Paul, did a lot of rain songs at this sound check My Valentine & Penny lane were 2..

Macca & that colorful guitar Verona Sound Check

More at Verona Sound check... It was great fun we danced the whole time.. Well, some of us did.. we didn't care about the rain.. each Sound check is with it's own unique experience.. Happy to have went & happy to see the Itallian guys go up on stage

But What about us GIRLS? What about us girls!! was Paul tiring of seeing us that follow him all over---haha at US.. You never know with these Sound Checks - or Live gigs

Sometimes they are pressed for time.. sometimes no one is called up during - SC or Live gigs.. i suppose it all depends on Paul McCartney himself-- on a whim? I'm guessing that might be it.. I don't believe these things are planned...

Those who get called up on stage whether it be a first time or 100th time is truly lucky.. & should enjoy the moment.. We hafta thank MPL for that making it happen.... wished the UK media gave him just as much love

Tons of fans dream of meeting Paul-- IT"S A HUGE DEAL -FOR US!!!!!  

Paul is not only quit the musician, but charming & entertaining- his humor is great! I personally,.... Love that! - hugs Paul xx

Paul & Brian - giggin it- SC, Verona

So it was time to leave I didn;t want to freaking leave.. haha
we had to leave the venue and enter when it  was open to the public.. I found that odd - in Warsaw too.. We had to leave & "Hang Out" in the states-- we usually get drinks & some eats

So I left .. went across the street where I had my table reserved and who comes up to me?.. my friend from Switzerland - Yves Delasar- a huge musician from Switzerland .. Paul McCartney is a HUGE influence on his music.. He's also done some McCartney covers- which are excellent! 

Me & Yvez~ Cafe in Plaza of Verona

 I joined him & his wife Sarah.. Who is German and didn't speak a lick of  English.. It was a great time while waiting to get into the gig.. I had some excellent - pasta & claims and a not so excellent - pizza .. blah & boring ...

It was so great to meet Yves & Sarah after all these years ..
we laughed we drank & we spoke about who else?
PAUL MCCARTNEY!! his music & his life; and what Paul has done for this world.. God, it was so great sitting in the cafe in the plaza across the street from the oldest coliseum known to man...

Just knowing in a few wee hours we would be listening to Paul give a performance that would leave Italian fans speechless...

Next part 3 the gig!~ and lots of pics & surprise!! stay tuned

Mc :)

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hello Verona!- Paul McCartney is OUT THERE! part 1

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Hello Verona!- Paul McCartney is- OUT THERE! Part 1

note:huge blog post coming up

Next stop Verona,....Ciao Italia, Buongiorno,  didn't Paul McCartney ROCK?! Sì! ( I try ha! )

Verona City Center, Verona Italy
It was off for Verona Italy via Warsaw June 23rd - Bye Bye Poland.. you've been great... so we fly to Rome with a 3 plus hour layover. I couldn't take a nap to excited.. Thank God, I found a battery charger at the Rome airport for my camera ..landing in Verona, we headed to a flat in the city center of Verona.. Can you say beautiful? Wow!.. so old world the cobble stone streets.. should have taken pics of those.. is it me or were the house and apts.. 100 if not a 100o years old?.. the flat was quaint - but lacked proper accommodations..
Old Church in District of Verona

 Sue & I decided to take a walk into the city center & find somewhere to eat.. you can see the river running thru Verona.. We stopped at a game center hoping for internet .. I couldn't get a connection.. There we met the coolest local, Marco Fantin.. a tall, sweet, curly haired rocker.. Marco, was very accommodating...Marco informed us he was the President of the
Official Foo Fighters Fan Club of Italy..
Right on, Marco!..Marco,   escorted us to a place were you can by ciggs & a quaint little Mom & Pop restaurant.. I had a pasta I had never ate before..a pasta with Spinach, chili's anchovies & cheese- a local dish only of Verona--delicious!~ YUM!...

We said goodbye to Marco.. & would meet him the next day..Other accommodations were made for us to stay in a hotel because the flat was too hot & the shower didn't work properly.. It was funny, because .. we lugged our suitcases & bags down thru the city center not knowing where we would go.. we asked questions and got a bus- outside the city center .. I was worried we were too far!- hoping off the bus - was another quaint part of Verona  as seen in this church left- and from there, we took a taxi.. to a fabulous hotel equipped with a kitchenette lots of trees- a view of the river Verona & The Swiss Alps- 'Breath taking'

Marco Fantin's Ride- Foo Fighter Mobile
  The next day -June 24th Marco kindly came to pick us up so we could try and find a battery or charger for Sue's camera.. We saw many sites of Verona that day..absolutely beautiful-stunning.   When we arrived in the city center we took off on foot in the heart of the city .. Why I didn't get a pic of the Colosseum- I don't know? I was just in aye.. of this ancient City :)  Marco's official car- Foo Fighters Italian fan club..Right....
we walked thru town on this one street filled with shops and other little surprises :) as we walked along this only street leading to the nicest hotel in Verona  who do we run into Brian Ray- one of the members of Paul's band. We had hoped to run into Paul & the band, some how?.. wishful thinking on OUR parts.. But here's Brian  - Brian Ray--- Where is the media--- I see none...My mind was on The Converse store ( wished I had bought some kix ) there

Wait- you guys ran into the band?!

Sue says there's 'RUSTY!".. haha no Sue that's Brian.. Brian!!! Oh hey you guys" Hi Harley- Hi Brian, who was with a friend Mikayla..Brian was pretty accommodating.. talking with us.. Me, I was pretty chill.. as I was so tired running on 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night.. ( Oh fucking great! ) I look like crap why did we hafta run into Brian like this dammit?

Brian, suggested we take a few 'snaps'  Marco just looking on was pretty impressed!  We introduced Marco as "The FOO's Fan club President.. Brian shakes his hand.. so you know Dave than?  ( as in Dave Grohl ) haha..  tell him i said 'hello' next time you see going around- some fans stop Brian on the street and take his picture.. Brian seemed to relax by now.. cos there was no letting go as 100's of tourists - pics & questions were flying each .. way ..
Me & Brian Ray- Paul McCartney band mate

more talking- laffs  & we took 'rocker pics' Brian, takes my jacket & throws it off my shoulder  "harley get it together"  haha!
( hell, I couldn't strike a rocker pose at that point ) with the less than flattering WING's tee sleep- no make-up & hair hiding under a hat -- forget it..  I get a complex abut taking pics.. not my fav thing to do.. But.. this was Brian,.. so.. I agreed.. he doesn't know that.--  than Jimmy- one of the crew stops by.. hugging Brian
( Jimmy _) does the video screens etc.. cool job!   It was Jimmy's BIRTHDAY..:)

Marco Brian Sue- City center Verona

Cool pic of Brian Sue & Marco...Left... Brian talked with us for a few minutes more  than he was off to enjoy the city.. pretty cool to run into Brian.. we continued down the street .. Sue all psyched we ran into Brian Ray~  we continue walking and there goes Rusty Anderson, another band mate of Paul's .. I was hoping we would run into Abe! Never had met Abe before - but have met the other members years ago.. And Brian- is a friend-- no I don't go all crazy.. but was happy to see Brian...

Paul & Abe-- is who I wanted to meet next since I haven't met either .. Rusty,.. seemed to be in a hurry and agreed to a pic..  I kinda felt bad and really didn't want to bother him...Cool of him to strike a pose...

Me-Rusty -Sue -- minutes after running into Brian-in Verona
  with a quickness- Rusty was gone -- we continue on-to the hotel where Paul McCartney might have been staying.. and out from around the corner- here comes Pablo- Paul's sound engineer.. Pablo, is quit devilish.. we shared a small conversation about the Warsaw gig!!~ hehe Pablo.. funny & nice dude/guy/fellow....

Sue wanted a pic with Pablo... who didn't seem to pleased .. haha Pablo...We asked about Abe & Wix.. can't recall what was said.. Pablo was off in a flash!

( when I formally introduced myself to Pablo- he didn't believe my name ) surprised in fact-- but more about 'the name" in Vienna blog post...

We reached Paul's hotel he was nowhere to be found and we heard he was in Bologna or some where's visiting friends.. We talked to some fans from south America-- two whom I had met in Gijon Spain 2004-- small world.. they had been there for hours waiting on Paul.. they also left shortly after us

 we had to meet one of Marcos friends " Corina" an Italian artist & jewelry designer so we left the city center- A lovely day it was in Verona! a view from our walk below.......

Walking back to meet Corina City Cenetr Verona Italy!

Stay tuned for part 2 of Verona Italy-- Paul McCartney's OUT THERE -tour Part  2 now posted- hot HOME - button


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